Church Family

Church Family

Church Family

Small groups

We offer a variety of Small Group Bible Studies, which allow people to share and discuss God’s Word while developing Christian relationships.

New Converts

Our Christian Fundamental Class is designed for new converts who seek to improve their understanding of the Church that Christ built and become a servant in the Lord’s Church. All are welcome!



As a church family, we love to be together as often as possible so we can be mutually encouraged. We have a fellowship meal following our morning assemblies on each first Sunday of the month. This is always a special time for food, fun, and fellowship. Sprinkled throughout the year are additional gatherings such as our “Sweethearts Dinner,” “Western Roundup,” and “Annual Church Picnic.”

Wednesday Evening Meal

Wednesday evenings at 6 pm, we come together to enjoy a meal and encourage one another in fellowship. Dinner is free, and all are welcome! A Bible study follows the meal at 7 pm.

Young at Heart

Our Young at Heart ministry is designed specifically for seniors who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God and to fellowship with other Young at Heart members in our church family. Whether participating in a potluck or attending outings in the community, we believe that we can always grow in faith, grace, and the love of God, no matter our age.

Member Visitation

In our desire to live and love like Jesus, we seek to demonstrate His love through our personal Visitation Ministry.   Whether a member is a shut-in, hospitalized, grieving, or needs interaction with a caring brother or sister, we aim to provide personal compassion through visits, notecards, texts, and emails. We are a church family, and each member is valued and loved.