Oh, to be Like Thee

Oh, to be Like Thee

Commit to Truth

To be like Jesus, one must commit to the truth, as Jesus himself is the embodiment of truth. This commitment involves not just speaking or professing the truth but living it out in actions and deeds. By doing so, individuals can assure their hearts before God, gaining confidence in their relationship with Him and ensuring that they keep His commandments.

Live Intentionally

Jesus lived with intentionality, knowing His purpose and fulfilling it without deviation. To emulate Jesus, individuals should live with a clear plan and purpose, aligning their actions with the mission and example set by Christ. This means understanding one’s role in God’s plan and actively working towards fulfilling that role, just as Jesus did.

Live with Purpose

Jesus’s life was marked by a clear purpose: to be the good shepherd for His flock and to lay down His life for humanity. To be like Jesus, one must also live with a defined purpose, understanding that every action taken should reflect the greater goal of serving God and others. Living with purpose also means recognizing Jesus’s role as the shepherd and overseer of our souls and striving to follow His example in all aspects of life.

To Walk in Jesus’ Steps, Embrace These Truths:

1/ Truth is the foundation; build upon it.
2/ Intentionality is the blueprint; follow it.
3/ Purpose is the goal; pursue it.

His life is the ultimate template for ours.