Bible Study Questions: James 1:19-27

Bible Study Questions: James 1:19-27

Book of James: James 1:19-27

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  1. According to verse 19, what produces righteousness?  What actions do we need to practice in order to master this behavior?  Give an example.
  2. List three actions which will successfully keep me from “filthiness and overflow of wickedness”:
  3. Using verse 21, what is another way of understanding “implanted”?
  4. How does a person deceive themselves, by only talking faith?
  5. Explain the phrase “observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets”
  6. How is the NT Christian “perfected” by the law of Christ?
  7. How does the tongue corrupt?
  8. Explain how “religion” can be “pure and undefiled”


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