Parcels from the Preacher: July 9, 2023

Parcels from the Preacher: July 9, 2023

“For all that You’ve done I will thank you. For all that You’re going to do. For all that You’ve promised. And all that You are. Is all that has carried me through. Jesus, I thank you.

Just a thought, if you are like me, you find it extremely hard to thank the Lord each day for His blessings. Not that anyone is unthankful, but just not making time in each harried day to remember from where all blessing flow according to the third of Ecclesiastes. What a joy and a pleasure to know God is always working in the best interest of mankind, His creation as proven in the fiftieth of Genesis. How beneficial to be reminded daily of His kindness! I plan to make a more concerted effort to remember the grace of God as recorded in the second of Malachi. What about you?

Have the day you are meant to have in Christ alone,

Archie R. Green


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