Parcels from the Preacher: June 18, 2023

Parcels from the Preacher: June 18, 2023

“When the Savior was praying in the garden of Gethsemane, Said, “loving Father, if you will let this cup pass from me;” I know He was thinking of the anguish death would bring to His own, How deep was His sorrow when Jesus was praying alone”

Just a thought, how many episodes of agony have you undergone in this life? What was your response? How did you make it through? Most of us are convinced we did of our own volition, but I believe the Scriptures teach we never walk alone if we are a child of God.

Agony, sometimes, comes with life as revealed in the thirteenth of Job. When times become brutish, the only comfort gained is with the Lord as seen in the second of first of First Samuel. It should be easy to associate the loneliness and anguish of Jesus if you have ever had to suffer in agony on your own. The only reprieve is the beautiful peace which accompanies the “after the storm” accord which follows. God never promised a life steeped in perfection, just one which could pass all human understanding according to the fourth of Philippians. Jesus was alone, but not forever. That same promise comes for you and I.

Have the day you are meant to have in Christ alone,

Archie R. Green


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