Parcels from the Preacher: September 23, 2023

Parcels from the Preacher: September 23, 2023

“Alas! and did my Savior bleed, and did my Sovereign die! Would he devote that sacred head for sinners such as I? Was it for crimes that I have done, he groaned upon the tree? Amazing pity! Grace unknown! And love beyond degree!”

Just a thought, how many of us would volunteer to give our lives for another? I am sure we have all watched such passionate Hollywood depictions, but rarely witnessed this in the real world. But 2000 years ago, the most incredible action ever witnessed occurred before man as recorded in the eighth of Romans. Our Savior bled for you and me; for only His blood can save according to the first of Ephesians. It was so amazing, even one outside of Christ recognized this great mercy of God as recoded in the twenty-seventh of Matthew. The groaning was for you and me. Our sin needs a Savior. The question truly revolves around this basic understanding and a willingness to sacrifice ourselves in response. We surely can be convicted by more evidence than the Centurion had, right? Think about it.

Have the day you are meant to have in Christ alone,

Archie R. Green


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