Obtaining Good Standing: The Role of Deacons

Obtaining Good Standing: The Role of Deacons

The Role and Work of Deacons

  • Deacons are not “junior elders,” “stepping stones” to becoming elders, or “underlings” for the eldership.
  • They have a distinct role within the church, serving the physical needs of the congregation and working under the oversight of the elders.
  • Deacons are also expected to be teachers, examples, and faithful in attendance, contributing to the overall spiritual growth of the church.

The Organization of the Church

  • The Church is organized with Christ as the head; all members, including elders and deacons, are subject to Him.
  • Elders are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church, while deacons handle the physical support of congregational members.
  • Members support both roles, and the church is not a denomination but a unique body with an eternally divine organization.

Obtaining Good Standing as a Deacon

  • Deacons obtain good standing by serving well in their capacity, which involves taking care of the congregation’s physical needs while also being capable of teaching and defending the gospel.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of collaboration within the church, where elders, deacons, and members work together for the spiritual growth and unity of the church body.